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Refind Home is a local, sustainable, affordable home furnishings store featuring mid-century modern, luxe modern, and eco-friendly furniture and accessories. Whether you’re eco-conscious or just have a great sense of personal style, you will find something awesome and affordable for your home in our store! Sourced from local estate sales and local green manufacturers, our decor maximizes your personal style, decreases your global footprint, and fits your budget just right.


The concept for Refind Home came about while we were shopping for furniture for our new condo. We try to be as eco-conscious as possible in every other aspect of our lives, and we wanted to create a home that reflected our lifestyle, but that would also reflect our style and last for years to come.

The tough part was that we were on a newlywed budget! So, we went to mass retailers offering stylish eco-friendly products–and were able to find a few items actually Made in the US–but most of it was being manufactured overseas and didn’t look like it would survive more than a few years. We were also drawn to second-hand furniture, and after many weekends scouring local antique shops and thrift stores, we turned up a few awesome gems–but it proved equally difficult to find affordable, stylish stuff with any consistency. When we were done with our search and our home looked just right, we couldn’t help but wonder why there wasn’t an easier way to exclusively shop for local, sustainable, vintage furniture in Forest Park.

So, we decided to build our dream store with all the stuff we love under one roof, making it easier for everyone else to shop like we do! We only sell merchandise we’d want in our own home (too bad our condo is already filled up). Take a look around our site to see the great stuff we find each week for your home, and be sure to visit us in person to see the merchandise we only sell in-store. It’s time to Refind Home for yourself!

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Owners Anne & Douglas Dowd


  • Eco-friendly Home Decor
  • Mid-century Modern Furniture
  • Made in America Home Accessories
  • Organic Cotton Linens
  • Vintage Furniture and Lighting
  • Reclaimed Wood Serving Platters
  • Rustic and Industrial Furnishings
  • Luxe Modern Pillows
  • Graphic Prints and Pops of Color


Well it should be. Here’s what we’re doing to make it easier for you to adopt an eco-friendly lifestyle:


Our new merchandise is designed & manufactured with the environment in mind, from the facilities (much is handmade) to the materials (organic cotton, recycled plastic bottles, natural dyes, essential oils and natural fragrances), and even the packaging (glass, recycled cardboard).


Our vintage and used products are also sourced locally in the Chicagoland area. Because of their age, many of them were originally produced here in the US. We try to create as little waste as possible when bringing our vintage items back to life.


Some of our merchandise is not entirely old, and not entirely new, which we call “reclaimed.” It basically means all or part of the finished piece is made using recycled or reused materials, which together have been given a new purpose, like a french door that has been transformed into a coffee table or a cutting board made from reclaimed lumber.

Most of our products are also locally sourced within the US, the midwest, and some right here in Chicago and even Oak Park and Forest Park, cutting down on energy consumption during transport while also supporting and investing in local economies.